Denver Boulder Small Business Marketing Seminar – The Three Squares

This Denver Boulder Small Business Marketing Seminar is going to be a HIGHLY interactive, goal oriented session on how to get a laser focused vision for your small business!

The Three Squares are a way to look at what you are trying to achieve for your small business and what you should put your attention on to succeed. We will be going through YOUR business goals, strengths and helping define concrete tasks to do for the coming ...year!

Small Business Marketing Benefits:

* Laser focus your tasks so that you know what to do to grow your business
* Find out to how to (gracefully) tell people what you can and cannot commit to so that your time is your own
* KNOW, without a doubt, what your company goals are
* Figure out what your product offerings should be and learn how to sell them effectively

Small Business Marketing Features:

* Get a 10 page, laminated workbook that you can use to help define your business and stay on track
* Cost is just $47 (including the workbook!)
* Learn which marketing ideas will help you grow, and which you are throwing away your money on

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