Energize to Capitalize

7 Techniques Using the Power of Language and Physiology to Demand More Results and Energize More Clients into Your Business!

Led and Facilitated by Certified Master NLP Practitioner George Ira Carroll

& On Stage Marketing Specialist Dinah Snow

**Limited to ONLY the first 50 people**

Are you an innovator, always looking for tools and techniques to grow your business? Do you feel like you're a thin paper sheet away from breaking through to higher levels of success in your business? Your consistent results in your business is determined on the consistent emotions you feel, and did you know that you can radically shift your emotional state using precision language and powerful physiology?

Quick story: A golfer was struggling to hit his golf balls to head straight on to the fairway, if you can imagine. After weeks of frustration, he finally hired an expert to come in and analyze his swing. After observing him for hours, and watching the ball shank and slice, the expert noticed that at the end of the golfer's swing, he shifted his left wrist ever so slightly. As he shifted his wrist, the expert saw that it changed the angle of the club, preventing his club from hitting the ball head on by 2 degrees, which translated in the ball missing the fairway more than 30 feet at times. So, with this new awareness, the expert showed the golfer this small shift in his left wrist, which created a 2 degree difference in hitting the ball straight on, but equated to 30 and 40 feet off the mark. As soon as the golfer corrected this minor shift, he was hitting the ball on target, exactly where he wanted it to go, allowing him to climb back up the ranks and achieve the massive success he initially set out to achieve!

Sometimes it seems like we are way off the mark in achieving huge levels of success in our business, but consider the possibility that you are only 2 degrees away from breaking through to massive amounts of success in your business!!


Co-facilitator: On Stage Marketing Specialist Dinah Snow.

Dinah Snow is considered one of Denver Metro area's freshest on-stage marketing and personal empowerment trainers.  Whether at the front of the room, on camera or networking, Dinah can pinpoint the critical elements that make the real difference between face-to-face marketing success and failure, and your energy plays an enormous part. Using the principles she teaches, Dinah went from stuck and struggling to free and magnetic in just a few short months.  Her innovative approach to using music to raise your energy and change both the conscious and unconscious mind has her clients saying "I am powerful and free!" Directing that energy to speaking as part of their marketing mix, Dinah's practical, step-by-step system gives her clients the tools to be effective, the confidence to shine and the know-how to be profitable (and be completely authentic at the same time!)

This seminar is specifically designed to use the power of language and physiology, as well as sub-conscious technology to re-wire limiting neurological patterns. If you've been to any breakthrough Seminars, you know how interactive and experiential they are! If you're looking for a breakthrough, you won't want to miss this powerful, playful and energizing workshop!!

" The higher your energy level, the more efficient your body. The more
efficient your body, the better you feel and the more you will use your
talent to produce outstanding results. --
Tony Robbins

From this energizing breakthrough seminar, you'll walk away with: 

  • How to re-wire limiting beliefs and INSTALL empowering beliefs for optimum performance!!  
  • How to INSTANTLY stop limiting thought patterns in their tracks so you can be your best!!
  • The secret to RAPIDLY changing your energy state for magnified productivity!!
  • How to use your body and language to amplify your ENERGY to draw clients to you!
  • How to use the power of incantations to accelerate your business growth!! 
  • Three key principles critical to SUCCESS in any arena!!

What would your business, and your life look like if you had access to higher levels of energy?!?! How much MORE could you get done??


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