Distressed Homeowner Expo

Foreclosure Should Not Be An Option
  • Come and Talk To The Panel Of Experts: We have a team of Lawyers, Former Bank Officers and many other top Experts that will fight for you. Come and get all your questions answered, we are here to help you!
  • What Your Bank/Lenders Do Not Want You To Know: Is it really time for you to leave your home? Only a small percent of loan modifications ever get approved. Learn the financial and tax consequences of foreclosure. Understand the consequences of foreclosure vs. bankruptcy.
  • Learn The Basics of Credit Laws And How They HELP You: There are 158 laws to protect your credit. Learn how to heal your bad credit & debt, fast. Learn how to put a team of lawyers working for you! Learn how to boost your credit score & qualify for a new home loan in 90 days. Simple ways to take back control of your life and help your family and loved ones, and so much more… !

Date: Saturday September 24, 2011
Time: 10am-2pm
Location: Sign Up For Details

Sponsored By :
" Denver's ACTS Food Bank"

Donation: Register at least 48 hours in advance for a $10 donation or bring 5 cans of food to the event OR bring $20 or 10 cans of food on day of the event. All proceeds support Denver ACTS Food Bank.


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