AlsoVille - Fun Tool for Getting Traffic to Your Blog.

There's more than one way to skin a cat!  If you have a bit of a competitive nature and like game themed processes, here's a new tool that allows you to earn stuff while driving driving traffic to your site. Takes less than five minutes to set up!
AlsoVille is a robust interactive Free widget that instantly adds your blog to all qualified AlsoVille™ members in your category, AlsoVille™ puts your blog on every page for every site in your category. When providing a backlink referencing a member’s page, your AlsoVille™ link back is then rotated at the #1 position on their Main Street. All links from the AlsoVille™ widget enforce a no tolerance to spam, adult sites, or low quality content policy. 

Additionally, AlsoVille applies a simple ‘no-follow’ return rule which has been approved by Google to prevent any backlink profile penalties. 

Your traffic and authority will increase the moment you install the AlsoVille widget.  


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