Have You Ever Been Asked This Question?

“How’s the pursuit of your personal goals coming along?” 

Just the other day a friend asked me that exact question.  Now I should tell you that this wasn’t just anybody asking, it was the guy who wrote what you might call the modern definitive guide to goal setting and achievement the #1 bestselling 7 Rules of Achievement Tom Terwilliger.

That’s like being asked by a world renowned dentist “how’s your dental hygiene coming along.” Somehow you get the feeling (as they glair at your flapping gums) they already know the answer.
So what could I say except… it’s going freaking fantastic!… which I am very fortunate to say is true.
But the question it did get me thinking about you.

I think it would be safe for me to assume that your “goal” broadly speaking is “success”…however you define it?  I also think you’d agree that I have been sharing with you as many critical tools, tactics, strategies and concepts as possible for helping you achieve that objective.

But here’s the thing.  I know from personal experience that your ability to put those tools, tactics and strategies to work for you with 100% effectiveness depends in large part on how clear you are on your overall objective or goal as well as the motivation behind it.

With that said here is what I wanted to share with you. In a recent interview with Tom he shared with me that “getting what you want in life is a whole lot more complicated than just identifying it… although it’s a good start.”

And according to Tom there are actually 7 critical components to creating what he calls “Your Success Blueprint.”

We’ve edited the best of the interview into 5 short segments and I think you should check it out. (Creating Your Success Blueprint)

Even if you think you’re pretty darn clear on what you want to achieve there’s a good chance just one missing piece in your Success Blueprint could be the piece you need to put it all together.
It’s time to find out what that piece might be. (Creating Your Success Blueprint)


PS. By the way just for checking out the videos Tom and I have a great gift for you that will help clarify whether it’s better to be SMART or take ACTION when it comes to achieving your goals

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