Hey TECH GURU'S - what would YOU do?


I have an absolutely BRILLIANT man in my network that wants to put his PASSION for all things techy to work for him as an additional stream of income. He's a skilled blogger, avid researcher, incredibly fast learner and pretty much an expert in a plethora of tech gadgets, apps, and other goodies. He's the guy I go to for all my tech related Q's, including what phone, TV, ISP, home theater equip, apps, editors, etc. to buy.  I'm a marketing expert - which I why I go to him for techy stuff!

WHERE/HOW would he begin to turn this techy passion into a lucrative freelance career or stream of revenue??  PLEASE add your comment or email your suggestions or recommendations to me at info@thecoloradoconnector.com.

THANK YOU (please no mlm or direct sales - he's NOT INTERESTED in those, sorry).

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